Mother of the Bride Dresses and Styles

Everyone has their own tastes, and any colour can truly be worn in the event the bride and mothers concur on it. Having said that, most would advise against these colors: Dresses with a dark, contrasting colour on the sides create the chimera of a more slender midsection. Conversely, if your mother has a pear shape, she may need to attempt a lighter shade on top, rather than on the skirt. Using colour-blocking is a powerful method to provide Mother that enviable hourglass form.

While there’s no rule that says the mom of the bride dresses must not be brilliant and jazzy, it’s always better to wear garments which are subtle and refined. Excessive colours with showy embellishments could perhaps do more damage than good if not worn correctly. So the very best way out is to choose a vibrant color with nominal embellishments or a subtle colour with dazzling components in it. Decide colours that suit your complexion and will even go nicely with your jewellery. Strong burgundy, royal blue, green and gold are popular brilliant colours among the mom of the bride dresses which are more about the material and not as much about embellishments. If you would like to take the fine colours course, subsequently peach, lavender, turquoise and pink are alternatives to take into account.
The most appealing part of any dress, aside from the colour and also the material is the embellishment on it. Should you decide to select an ensemble with embellishments, as the brides mother, because you will be receiving plenty of limelight, it practically becomes compulsory that you put on a dress that’s wonderfully and elgantly embellished. For a luxe and loaded appearance, go in for ensembles with zardosi embroidery. The painstakingly embroidered complex designs in gold and silver threads add a sense of grandiose to any ensemble. This red shaded Raakesh Agarvwal saree is one such ensemble that’ll take your look to another level.
Another man for whom the day is of utmost significance is the mom of the bride. While we’re all for the bride to be taking mother’s time to select her ensembles, we believe the mom of the bride dresses must be decided with equal attention. After all, it’s a significant day in her life also and she’ll be on the stage, sharing the limelight together with the bride.

Before you begin shopping for the mother of the bride dresses, you’d have to choose what you’re going to wear for every service. Our advice to you’ll be to decide ensembles which are tasteful and refined. Decide designs as per just what the occasion demands.

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